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AJRS is an experienced remedial online course services company

Associated Judicial Referral Services (AJRS), has been a leading innovator and provider of cognitive behavioral training programs since 1982.

Thousands of offenders and probationers have successfully completed remedial training through AJRS. We offer anti theft classes as an alternative to shoplifting and all other theft related offenses. Our online anger management class is for disorderly conduct, assault and other anger related charges.

We’re also a top provider of cognitive thinking classes and a decision making class for offenders and those just looking to enhance their mental well-being. We have a bad check class for issuance of a worthless check type charges. All of the AJRS programs are offered at both the misdemeanor and felony levels.

37 Years Of Remedial Learning

Classes We Offer

Anti-Theft Class

This course is for anyone who has been court-ordered to take a theft, shoplifting, larceny, or theft awareness class.

Anger Management

This course is for anyone who has been court ordered to take an anger management program for any anger related charge or issue, including; disorderly conduct, assault, or road rage.

Cognitive Decision Making

This course is for anyone court-ordered to attend a class for thinking for a change in behavior and effective decision-making.

Bad Check

This course is for anyone who has been charged with issuance of a bad check, issuance of a worthless check or any other similar charge.

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Why Choose Us?

Michael Taylor is the founder and president of Associated Judicial Referral Services (AJRS). He established AJRS in Houston, Texas, in 1982.

Mr. Taylor has more than 37 years of experience in the innovation and classroom facilitation of evidenced-based cognitive behavioral programs for the judicial system. His proprietary approach uses cognitive techniques that
empower personal accountability and enhanced self-control.

AJRS programs are used at all levels of the judiciary: by judges/prosecutors as a condition of deferred adjudication; in pre-prosecution and pretrial intervention/diversion programs; and in alternative sentencing by probation
and parole officers.

Michael has personally facilitated classroom programs for thousands of defendants / probationers over his career and constructed the online offerings based on his extensive experience.

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