Associated Judicial Referral Services (AJRS), has been a leading innovator and provider of cognitive behavioral training programs since 1982.

Our evidence-based programs are court approved and a trusted referral source at all levels of the judiciary.

Thousands of offenders/probationers have successfully completed remedial training classes through AJRS. We offer the anti-theft class as an alternative to shoplifting and all other theft related offenses. Our anger management program is for disorderly conduct charges, assault, road rage and all other anger related charges. Our cognitive decision making class is designed to teach thinking for a change in behavior and effective decision making. All of the AJRS classes are offered at the misdemeanor and felony levels.


Why Choose AJRS?

All our classes are self-paced online classes that allow you to complete the class and print your certificate of completion 24/7.

Pay online and take your required class today. We offer various web-based remedial training courses.


Our Guarantee

Pay for your class today and get your certificate the same day.

Our courses are designed and developed by a facilitator with 30 years classroom experience. You can complete a course today using our fun and easy to learn material.