This online cognitive thinking class is for anyone court ordered to take a course for thinking for a change in behavior and effective decision making.​

The class is appropriate to meet a condition of deferred adjudication probationmemorandiums of agreementdeferred disposition  or pretrial diversion.  It is interesting, engaging and presented in a way that makes it an enjoyable experience. It is designed to meet court requirements and is accepted in courts nationwide.  The class is designed to take 8 hours. The fee is $125, payable online by credit carddebit card or pre-loaded cash card.  You will receive your certificate of completion upon successful completion of all lessons in this course.

The Cognitive Decision-Making – Level II Online Course is also designed to take 8 hours and the fee is $125, payable by credit carddebit card, or preloaded cash card. You pay for the course through a secure PayPal transaction on the AJRS website  ( you do not have to have a paypal account).  The online course is also designed to meet court requirements  and has the following advantages:

  • It’s the cheapest way to take it – no time off work, no babysitters, no gas to get to and from class​
  • You can pay for the course with a credit card, debit card, or preloaded card​
  • You can take the course on computer, pad, or smart phone​
  • You can log in and log out as you please (the computer remembers where you left off)​
  • You can print your certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course (can be saved and printed anywhere there is a printer)​

Take the Cognitive Decision-Making – Level II course online now:​

This course is available online 24/7. Use the “Register Now For Online Course” button below to register for this course. Once you have registered you will be able to purchase the course and you will have access to the course material and online test from your “My Account” page. “Certificate of Completion” will be provided immediately after you have completed and passed the course test.

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